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"It's been 10 years since i graduated as a NCAA, All American Athlete - but working with Ellen over the last six months I have seen my fitness levels surpass what they were in college. Now, I'm fitter stronger, and faster than I've ever been, and any athlete who understands the importance of having an educated trainer should consider Ellen as part of their training to give them that competitive edge."

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"Ellen has made hard work fun and satisfying, and for a lifelong slacker, that has been a game changer. I have had many failed attempts to get healthier and stronger, but nothing has worked for me like training with Ellen. She has taken the time to actually get to know me and that has made all the difference in actually addressing what I need to reach my goals. I've also seen how she challenges herself to learn and grow in her profession and I very much admire that. Not only is she straight up amazing at her job, she is also fun to be around and has the best attitude of anyone I know! 100% I would recommend her to anyone."

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"Ellen provided an invaluable yoga program for our adult rugby club. The 8-week yoga program was specifically designed for our players to help cope with the high physical demands of rugby. The emphasis of the sessions was to prehab players in injury prevention and rehab post match days. The practice focused on movement stability and mobility specific to rugby. The outcome for us was increased player performance, wellbeing, and club success."

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"Ellen has done wonders for me and my confidence. Not only has she helped my body bounce back from recently being in a car accident, she continues to help me reach my fitness goals and educate me on how my body should move. I couldn't ask for a better personal trainer to keep me on track (both physically and emotionally!) and be there for support when I need that extra push. I couldn't have started this journey without her."

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"Ellen was recommended to me, I had intended to only do a few sessions until my hip issues improved. Two years later, I'm still working out with Ellen. She knows how to make something I don't enjoy, fun! Ellen's knowledge and flexibility to modify exercises to accommodate a client's physical issues has been one of the reasons I enjoy my workouts. She knows how to push you to better yourself in a positive and caring manner. Working out with Ellen at the beach or gym is a highlight to my busy schedule."

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"Ellen brings an in-depth knowledge to the personal training sessions she designs for me. I've been particularly impressed when I have an injury or physical constraint and she's immediately able to adjust to ensure I'm getting the workout I need and safely. Her serious and thoughtful approach to every situation always impresses me."

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"When I first started working out with Ellen, I did not enjoy working out. I knew I had to do it and I knew I needed support. Nine months later: I am 15 pounds lighter, have more energy and for the first time in years, I have defined muscles - and I actually enjoy working out. Ellen focuses on proper form, breathing, and targeting specific muscles - and more importantly she is personable, encouraging, enthusiastic, and we laugh a lot."

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"Working out with Ellen is fun - she makes the workout enjoyable. She not only encourages me to do better but knows just how far she can push me. As a senior, I appreciate that! Her attention to detail is great, she ensures that I am doing the exercises correctly and keeps me on track. I always leave my workouts smiling."

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